We Drink a LOT of California Wine

(and let's not forget Oregon and Washington too!)

Yet, we don't really know what to expect out of that bottle we pick up from
Santa Rita Hills...
Willamette Valley...
Yakima Valley...

The key to understanding, feeling confident about, and enjoying wine to its fullest is to understand WHERE it comes from.

There are many, many regions throughout the west coast that provide us with distinctly different wines. And when we know those regions and what to expect from a wine from each, you connect to what you're drinking on a whole new level.

That is what we're diving into in West Coast Wine Geek

What to Expect

This is a very special course that runs LIVE just once per year, and you're here for it!

Throughout our 3 weeks together, you will learn about the incredible, distinct wines that Oregon, Washington, and California produce...what to expect from these iconic regions and what makes each one unique.

The information you'll take from this class will give you the confidence to explore wines you never even noticed on store shelves...and you'll no longer be seduced by marketing and "pretty labels" when picking out wine at the store...

Instead, you'll be buying wines with confidence and getting the most out of every bottle you choose from the West Coast.

Live sessions will be hosted online on Wednesdays starting September 15th.

I believe that learning this material one-time will not solidify your knowledge of all there is to know...

Therefore the lessons from West Coast Wine Geek will be available to you for an entire year afterward
so you can continue learning at your own pace after we host the class live.